Brow Services

Get the Perfectly Shaped Arches You Want

Maintain beautiful brows with our services

Do you want striking, expressive brows fit for a magazine cover? Connect with a specialist at Lash Blvd LLC. We offer top-notch brow services that are sure to impress. No matter what you want to do with your eyebrows, you can count on us to make it happen. We offer a broad range of brow touchups and services.

Visit our salon when you want:

Brow shaping and tinting – $50
3-week brow shaping and tint filling – $35
Brow lamination, shaping and tinting – $75
Brow lamination and shaping – $60
Brow waxing – $20
New-client brow threading or waxing – $35
Brow threading – $20

Call Latham (518) 608-0371  or Saratoga (518) 871-1682 now to schedule a brow appointment at our salon.

Learn more about the different kinds of brow services

Different people prefer different services for their eyebrows. Some people might prefer waxing, while others might rather have their brows threaded. Waxing involves applying warm wax to your brow line and pulling out hairs from the roots. Threading involves pulling the skin taut and removing each hair using a mini lasso.

Waxing can sometimes irritate your skin, making threading the better option for those with sensitive skin. We’ll consult with you to help you figure out which solution would be best for you.

Call Latham (518) 608-0371  or Saratoga (518) 871-1682 to learn more about waxing and threading.



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