Nail Services

Add a Burst of Color to Your Life

Get your nails done at our nail salon and beauty parlor

Don't struggle with smudged nail polish and uneven coats trying to do it all yourself. Trust Lash Blvd LLC to paint your fingernails and toenails any color you choose. You'll feel like royalty once we're scrubbing and buffing your nails until they shine.

Contact us today at (518) 608-0371 to set up a nail appointment at our salon.

Turn to us for all kinds of nail care services

You'll be impressed by our selection of nail polish colors and the skill our nail technicians bring to each appointment. By the time we're done, your nails will look glamorous and gorgeous.

You can come to us for:

ANC dip powder
Gel nail application
New acrylic nails
Pedicures and foot scrubs
Intricate nail designs

Call (518) 608-0371 now to speak to a nail technician with plenty of experience in nail care.